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Sti 'model

Our guitars are designed to be unique in both appearance and sound. And this is our pride to offer, it's a charming fit.



This is a traditional model that evolves from the standard OM shape by adding more space on the soundboard and giving it a distinctive Asian-style curve around the shoulders and buttocks.

Fanfret guitars

It was created to meet the demands and enhance interaction between the player and the guitar in terms of playability, action, and deep bass and tight treble that stimulate the feel of playing. more


Baritone guitars

Baritone guitar is perfect for those who want a new experience in playing. The long scale maximizes the potential of the bass to fully embrace the smooth power. We do it with the fan frets on the scale between 700-730mm


Dreadnought guitars

covering every style, genre, stage and studio; finger style, strumming chord. Make yourself stand out

Tiny guitars

Passion came from making guitars for my daughter. It feels like you're sipping hot cocoa on the sofa looking at a fish tank. You can take it anywhere. If you're still obsessed with playing guitar and don't want anything big, this is the answer.

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