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Origin and Stories

This guitar has been made in 2020. We intend to make this collection to reflect the emergence of the Covid-19 and how we deal with the catastrophe. I have chosen the Palemoon ebony for the back and the sides to show a deadly chaos, fear, and lost. I also want to present the hope and lives regained as the main concept of the inlays design; therefore leaving the fingerboard as plain and simple as it could be to convey about peace, serenity and self liberation. Having this peace of mind is way to free ourselves from chaos. 

Liberation -19

In the year 2020, has given many human nations invaluable thing and the arrival of Covid-19 has given us a greater understanding of nature : uncertainty but the most important thing that I can see is no matter what we think about the nature - that it could be so threatening and so cruel.

We should not forget that in fact we have taken more advantages from the human fellows. In the year 2021 to remind us all about peace and humanity. I and my crew have designed a unique set of guitars to tell the story of the soul liberation consisting of the three ideas : precept, meditation and wisdom. Please stay tuned for further updates.



Pattern : "Meditation" sti guitars

Top : Bearclaw German Spruce

Back & side : Palemoon Ebony Fingerboard & Bridge : Ebony

Neck : Flame maple

Nut/Saddle wide : 4.35/5.3 cm Nut/saddle material : Brown bone

Fret : medium/medium

String : Elixer phosphor bronze 12-53 Rosette : Double ring black abalone/palemoon ebony

Scale : 25.4 "

Finishing : Thin urethane varnish.

Body depth : 9.1/11.5 cm

Body length : 49 cm

Body width : 41 cm


Price : $5,858


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